C4D多边形封闭孔洞插件 C4DZone_QuadCaps_v1.0_R23_iND

C4D多边形封闭孔洞插件 C4DZone_QuadCaps_v1.0_R23_iND插图C4D插件、建模辅助C4D模型网

QuadCaps是可以封闭多边形孔洞,同时不产生多余的布线,支持R23 Win版本

QuadCaps is a Cinema 4D R13/14/15/16 plugin that helps user to close polygon hole with quadrangular mesh without creating Ngons.


选择需要关闭的空洞边缘 Select the edge loop to close
使用插件 Call QuadCaps tool.
The polygon will be closed with a quadrangular mesh If you want to change the start construction point just leave a selected point before using the QuadCaps tool, selected point will be used to start the creation of the cap.You can close loop only with even number of edges and for a best performance of the tool close pseudo regular hole.However if you need to close an uneven loop edge we have released another tool that reduces the number of edges but it will create a triangle.


Win,Cinema 4D R23

拷贝quadcaps拷贝到C4D R23安装目录的plugins即可(plugins文件夹没有的话可以手动新建),默认C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R23\plugins
一定要右键管理员身份打开C4D,顶部菜单,扩展-控制台,在控制台-Python里可以看到,Press Acticate Your Licenses to get your Quadcaps serial Key,先不用管
在扩展-工具-重载Python插件,会有Quadcaps的激活弹窗,点击Acticate yout License,这时候在控制台里就会出现序列号了,复制粘贴过来,然后点击Activate即可